The space Station from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

This webpage collects resources pertaining to the television show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine!

The cast of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.


Star Trek: Deep Space Nine is the third live-action Star Trek show, which takes place on a static space station connected to an ongoing political conflict between two races of aliens. It's the first Star Trek show to utilize season-long arcs instead of being exclusively serialized, and the first to have a Black lead (Avery Brooks). It also explores cultural and ideological conflicts between its cast (above!) in an engaging way that sometimes challenges the "Rules" of Star Trek's universe. If you like challenging sci-fi that poses interesting moral questions and follows the long-term arcs of its characters, check it out!


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>Scripts on Star Trek Minutiae

>Trailer for the DS9 documentary!

My DS9 Favorites

Hero: Kira
Villain:Kai Winn
Season: Five
Episode: The Die Is Cast
Character dynamic: Quark and Odo

DS9 Least Favorites

Hero: O'Brien
Villain: Eddington
Season: Two
Episode: Profit and Lace
Character dynamic: Bashir and Ezri

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